F. How to create a Portfolio

How to create a Portfolio

Under the Showcase menu you will find the Portfolio section on the left side menu:



Click on Create New Portfolio:



From here you will be able to fill in the details for your portfolio: Name, Description, Listing (view) and Set the Hosting Page:


Using the grey + Add Showcases button you will be able to add the showcases you want featured within your portfolio:


You’ll also want to choose between the Grid and List display options. These will determine how the portfolio will be displayed on the page. The Grid style will align three showcases in a row as see below. The List style will organize the showcases in a list and include the showcase description.

When done setting up your Portfolio, review it and click on the Create and Continue button at the bottom of the page:


From here you will be able to:

  • Arrange the showcase in the order you want them to be displayed on the page.
  • Add Header Banner: You can add multiple banners to highlight your portfolio display (could feature your company logo and vendor logo, promotions, events, etc.).
  • Add Background Image: You can add an image to display in full page view. This could have your company branding to differentiate even further from your competition.


To preview and obtain your code, select from the three Portfolio styles and click on the Preview and Get Embed Code button. The most commonly used Portfolio template is the CLASSIC.

You will see the Template options here, each describes the style and its benefits. Once you found the template you want to use you will copy the corresponding code.

  • The first code you will find is the required JAVA SCRIPT code. This will be the same for every showcase. Customers will oftentimes include this code in the header or footer of the main template to eliminate the need to include it in the showcase posting process each time.
  • The second code is the HTML code. This code will be different for each showcase and showcase template. If you have access to SEO Compatible Code, then copy this large code and paste into your CMS on the page you want the showcase to display. SEO Compatible codes will help amplify your SEO efforts that you are currently engaged in on this page. If you do not have access to SEO Compatible Code, copy the Default Code and paste to your CMS. Ask an InXero rep how to get access to the SEO Compatible codes.



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