G. How to launch my showcase on my website

How to launch my showcase on my website

Once you have your showcase built, and your template selected (refer to How to Create a Solution Showcase), you will be able to add the showcase to your webpage:

  • Go to Step-5 of the showcase build and preview and obtain the code via the Preview and Get Embed Code button.



Click on the Get Code button to obtain the codes that you will need to properly display the showcase on your website:

  • The first code you will find is the required JAVA SCRIPT code. This will be the same for every showcase. Customers will oftentimes include this code in the header or footer of the main template to eliminate the need to include it in the showcase posting process each time.
  • The second code is the HTML code. If you have access to SEO Compatible Code, then copy this large code and paste into your CMS on the page you want the showcase to display. SEO Compatible codes will help amplify your SEO efforts that you are currently engaged in on this page. If you do not have access to SEO Compatible Code, copy the Default Code and paste to your CMS. Ask an InXero rep how to get access to the SEO Compatible codes.



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