A. What is the Trending Stories Hub and why do I need it?

What is the Trending Stories Hub and why do I need it?

The Trending Stories Hub allows you to post content to your company’s social media accounts and the accounts of your sales reps and subject matter experts that have InXero accounts and send the traffic back to your website.

It is as simple as posting directly from your social media pages, however when done via the InXero platform, you can simultaneously post to several user’s social media accounts including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all at once – and all the social traffic will be driven to your website.

  • When you post a piece of content (video, PDF, article, whitepaper etc.) and someone clicks on your post, they are sent to your website’s dedicated TRENDING STORIES HUB page for them to consume the content on your website, allowing you to build credibility, and redirect prospects to your solution and service offerings.
  • Not sure what to post? Within the InXero platform, there are dedicated media libraries that are constantly pulling in new content or being refreshed by the InXero content management team:
  1. Trending Stories Section: RSS feeds separated by IT sub-categories and organized by date.
  2. Pre-Built Section: Select assets from a large pre-build content library by seeing What’s New, Vendor Showcases and Tech Content.
  3. Tech Vault: Upload your own content from your internal libraries and post these assets to social media and drive traffic to your website


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