G. How do I post content to social media from the Prebuilt section?

How do I post content to my social media from the Prebuilt section?

Have you created your trending page on your website and setup the showcase Trending Stories hub in InXero? If Yes, you can quickly post content via the Social section (if you know what you want to post already) or via the Trending Stories and Pre-Built sections (discover content).

Follow the below 3 key steps:

  1. Fill in a Message to complement / describe the content you are sharing
  2. Select the account(s) or add to your Team’s Queue (allows you to send content to other members of your team so that they can add the article to their personal social media accounts).
  3. Post Now or Schedule for later



You can also share Assets under Showacases or Content by right clicking on the three doted icon on the bottom right-hand side of the asset card, as shown below:


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