D. How does InXero help with SEO?

How does InXero help with SEO?

Organically boost your SEO, via backlinking on your showcases and by creating longer more interactive sessions (reducing bounce rate), as your prospects engage with the featured content (videos, whitepapers, articles etc.).

We have seen clients who follow simple SEO best practices, such as:

  1. Create pages on your website that feature a unique term for the content featured within the URL e.g.:
  2. Title Tag should match i.e. Professional & Managed Services or align closely with this verbiage.
  3. Page Header (H1): Should match the URL and URL Tag closely, with the above examples it would be: Professional & Managed Services.

Once you add engaging content via the InXero showcases, you will have the added automatic back linking to your Company Channel page.  This will boost your SEO organically, allowing you to see the results within months as you build more showcases and post more content to social media through the Trending Stories Hub.

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