C. Posting to social media & available content

What content can I use for sharing?

Below are the three sections you can use for sharing content on the fly:

  1. Social Section: If you know what you want to share / you have the content on your device, then select this option
  2. Trending Stories Section: RSS feeds separated by IT sub-categories, tech publications, vendor blogs and more
  3. Prebuilt Section: Select assets from a large prebuilt content library by searching assets that have been made available by different IT OEM partners.



Getting started!

  1. The first thing you must do, is create a dedicated page on your company website that will serve as the landing page / host for the content you post. Simply create a page in your Content Management System i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. 
  2. Within the InXero platform, you will create the showcase that will keep your social posts organized. Simply insert the URL from your new page in the Article Hosting Template Page URL field.

Best Practices – It is best if you can create this new landing page to allow end to end coverage of the page. Slight margins on either side will work fine, however you want to open the page up to allow more room to display the various assets. 

InXero Platform: Social -> Manage Trending Stories Hub showcase:

  • Fill out the showcase details, note that the Name and Tagline will appear on the web page that will host this content.
  • Link this to its corresponding folder or create a new one if needed.
    • This is the location in your TECH VAULT where all the newly posted assets will be stored. These can be used to add to your showcases, sales rep profile pages, and more.
  • Insert the URL from your new page in the Article Hosting Template Page URL field.
  • Click Save when you are done.



Once saved, take the code and paste it onto your new Trending Stories Hub page that you created in your CMS. You will be able to preview it live on your website

  • We recommend you do not release this until you are ready to posts / have added some placement content. This will ensure that your page will have some assets on the page before it is live.







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