D. Social Section

Social Section

Social Selling is used if you have identified which content you’d like to post. If the asset resides in your Tech Vault, or you would like to add it, then you can quickly attach the content you want to share and fill out the following fields:

  1. Fill in a Message to complement / describe the content you are sharing
    • This will be the headliner message on your social post
  2. Add Tags
    • These tags will create a filter that can be used for your showcase display strategy. Be sure you have selected only a few Tags such as Security, Networking, Cloud, Digital Transformation, etc. It is recommended not to use more than 10 different Tags
  3. Select the account(s)
    • Here you can add to the TEAM QUEUE if you’d like to share the content with other members of the organization and request that they post the asset as well. If their queue is set to AUTO, then the system will automatically post the content to their authorized accounts.
  4. Post Now or Schedule for later
    • Select to post now, or choose a date and time starting tomorrow.


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