D. How do I add a CTA to my showcase?

How do I add a CTA to my showcase?

While creating your showcase, in Step 4, you will be able to configure your CTA:


If you have already created your showcase and you want to edit your CTA, simply click on Showcases from the main menu on the top of the page and, locate the showcase you want to edit. From there you will see the five steps for creating a showcase, jump to Step 4 and proceed with the below.


  • A Call to Action allows you to generate leads and provides your customers with options for next steps.
  • A recommended method for capturing leads is to activate the Download -> Lead Capture Form Setting:


Your buyers will be able to view the content asset, this will build value. When they attempt to download the content, it will  prompt your prospect to enter their Name / Email. 

  • From here you can either select a CTA or create a new one:


  • Once you have selected your CTA make sure you click on Save & Continue to move to the last step –> Publish.
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