E. How to customize a CTA:

How to customize a CTA

Click on the CTAs main tab:


From here you can see all of your CTAs and edit them as needed. You can also create a new CTA by clicking on the Create new CTA green button:


 Create new CTA: 

  • Select Your CTA Template from the drop down list (the What CTA Type should I Choose breaks down the differences between the templates).
  • Give your CTA a Name:


  • Click on the Continue to Add blue button, you will then see a menu, start by filling in the general Information:


Fill out the fields, each field has an explanation below e.g.:


Once done you will be able to preview your CTA by clickong on the Save & Preview button:


  • Customize the look of your CTA via the Design tab:


  • Select the Team Member who’s picture you want featured on the CTA: 


  • Once you are done customizing your CTA it will be saved with the rest of your CTAs and accessible via the Showcase and Portfolio sections, as well as the dedicated CTAs section.
  • CTAs are added in chronological order with the newest displaying at the bottom of the list.
  • Click on the Preview button to view your CTA. You can Edit or Remove the CTA from here:


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