B. How do I upload content to the Tech Vault?

How do I upload content to the Tech Vault?

Top menu, click SHOWCASES and from the menu on the left-hand side main menu, select Tech Vault - > ALL MEDIA:


  •  All of your content that will be used for your showcases will be here. You will be able to ADD CONTENT and create new folders (Add Folder).
  • Your folder structure should emulate your website in a way that allows you to easily keep your content organized. This way you can create Showcases or a Portfolio in an effective manner and properly display the content on your website:


Create your master folder and breakdown the desired structure with additional folder from there:


Within your folder you will be able to see the breakdown and assets contained as per the example below:



Uploading Content:

Select the specific folder where you want to upload your content. Content can be uploaded from your local device, YouTube, articles, PDFs, RSS feeds, manufacturers’ content, etc.



  • Upload Media
    • Click on the Computer upload icon and select from your files:


  • Add a Video
    • You can: 1. Search for a video. 2. Enter in the exact video YouTube URL 3. View a user channel e.g. company channel:


  • Add an Article
    • Simply paste in the URL of the article you want add. Fill out info and Add Article:




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