C. How to create a Solution Showcase

How to Create a Solution Showcase

First navigate to and click Sign In in the top right hand, to login and begin your Showcase:



Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the main dashboard below:


To build your showcase, click on the Build a New Showcase icon on the top row, middle icon:


Next, you will select the type of showcase that will best suit your product/solution, based on the content you’re using and how you intend to communicate this to your customers.

Types of Showcases: 

  1. Solution Showcase – The Standard Showcase. Mix multiple marketing assets together to tell your unique story about a solution, product, service, vertical, or persona
  2. Trending Stories Hub – Any content posted from the InXero platform to your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook will drive traffic to your website and help you stand out as a thought leader in your respective industry.
  3. Portfolio – Use multiple showcases on one page to tell your solution story.

 For this tutorial, we will be creating a Solution Showcase. Click Solution Showcase:


Now you’re ready to begin adding content and publish your Showcase. The process is completed in five easy steps.

  1. Describe Showcase
  2. Add Content
  3. Review & Edit
  4. Add CTA
  5. Publish



1. Describe Showcase

Enter mandatory fields: Solution Name, Solution Category, Solution Sub Category and a brief Description of your solution:

  • Link Showcase Folder: Make sure to link your showcase to the appropriate folder in the Tech Vault. This will ensure that any content you add to the showcase will be organized appropriately in the Tech Vault.
  • Solution URL: This URL is the main page for your solution. This might not be where you’re placing the showcase, but it should be your top location for explaining this solution or service.
  • Set Showcase Hosting Page: This is where your showcase will live on the website. What URL will you be using?
  • Tags: Enter keywords here to help improve SEO results.
  • Key Contacts: Members of the team that can be contacted about the solution – typically sales reps or a sales leadership team will be included here.

When filled out and reviewed, click Continue to move to the next step:



2. Add Content

  • Select content you want to include in the showcase. Content can be uploaded* from your local device, YouTube, articles, PDFs, RSS feeds, manufacturers’ content, etc.
  • After selecting the content, click the Add button to save to your showcase. Once all the content has been added, then click Continue to move to Step 3: Review and Edit. 


* Best Practices – It is always best to upload content to your TECH VAULT first, then add content to your showcase. However, once the showcase has been created and the LINK FOLDER has been selected, you can add content directly to the showcase here in Step 2 Add Content


  • Tech Vault:
    • Click on the Tech Vault option:


  • From here you will be able to access the content you have uploaded to your folders on the Tech Vault:


  • Upload Media:
    • Click on the computer upload icon and select from your files*:


*If unable to access your files, check your browser settings e.g. Chrome Settings -> Advanced: Content settings à Flash à Enable Allow sites to run flash

  • Add a Video
    • When adding a video from YouTube that will support your showcase you can: 1. Search for a video. 2. Enter in the exact video YouTube URL 3. View a user channel e.g. company channel:


  • Add an Article
    • Select the Article tab and simply paste in the URL of the article you want to feature and preview it. Fill out info and Add Article:


Best Practices: Content for the Showcase should be “high-level”, general marketing information that will be valuable to your customers. Dynamic Tabs are available for more specific content to provide the customer detailed information about your product/solution pieces – case studies, installation, tech guides, etc. Dynamic Tabs are only visible in certain showcase templates including CLASSIC, RIGHT PANEL, PLAYLIST (can be selected in Step 5), and from the PORTFOLIO


3. Review & Edit

  1. The Review and Edit tab allows you to control the assets and how they are arranged. You can quickly turn content ON / OFF and rearrange them in the order you prefer:12.png
  2. To select the asset that you want to appear first in the showcase, click on Set as featured – this will display that item first so it should represent an intro to the message you are trying to convey with the showcase.
  3. Be sure that you see the Green Star next to your selected asset - Featured. To change, simply select another asset with the Set as Featured link below that content:13.png
  4. You can drag and move around the content cards in the desired order, keep in mind what you are using the showcase for when ordering the content i.e. what product/service are your supporting:14.png


4. Add CTA

  1. A Call to Action allows you to generate leads and provides your customers with options for next steps.
  2. A recommended method for capturing leads is to activate the Download -> Lead Capture Form Setting:15.png Your buyers will be able to view the asset and consume the content on the website. This will immediately build value, and then prompt the prospect  to enter their Email and Name in order to download the content for vieweing offline 
  3. From here you can either select a CTA or create a new one (check out our CTA best practices and suggestions under the CTA section of our help desk):16.png

 Create new CTA:

Allows you to customize your message for your potential customers:


 Once you have selected your CTA make sure you click on Save & Continue to move to the last step –> Publish. For instructions on how to create your CTA go to our Call-to-Action section.


5. Publish

  1. The Publish tab will save your showcase, and generate the code for publishing the content to your website:18.png
  2. Click Produce Showcase to complete the assembly of the showcase:19.png
  3. Now you are ready to preview how you want to deliver your showcase. Select one of the below 7 preset display style options – each come with a description of their layout and can be previewed: 
  • Classic In-Page Template
  • Right Panel Modern Template
  • Playlist Template
  • Thumbnail Style Template (viewable in a lightbox)
  • Content Gallery Template
  • Media Wall Template
  • Carousel Style Template



You can preview and obtain the code via the Preview and Get Embed Code button.

    • To ensure proper, mobile optimization please select Auto Adjustable width and make other preferred customizations such as removing the Xapp Border for a more native look or, selecting a number of rows for the Load More field:



 Click on the Get Code button to obtain the codes that you will need to properly display the showcase on your website:

  • The first code you will find is the required JAVA SCRIPT code. This will be the same for every showcase. Customers will oftentimes include this code in the header or footer of the main template to eliminate the need to include it in the showcase posting process each time.
  • The second code is the HTML code. This code will be different for each showcase and showcase template. If you have access to SEO Compatible Code, then copy this large code and paste into your CMS on the page you want the showcase to display. SEO Compatible codes will help amplify your SEO efforts that you are currently engaged in on this page. If you do not have access to SEO Compatible Code, copy the Default Code and paste to your CMS. Ask an InXero rep how to get access to the SEO Compatible codes.



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