B. What are the best practices for leads?

What are the best practices for leads?

To ensure you are properly notified and, that you are following up, you should:

  1. Link the right emails to your CTA, so that when a prospect fills out a form your team receives the alert.
  2. Check within the InXero platform to see the details of all your leads under the CTAs à Leads section.
  3. Do a little research on the lead, check their LinkedIn, and use their email domain to find their company website.

This will allow you to properly filter the lead and follow up accordingly.


  • Keep your CTAs in line with your website branding and message e.g. fit your slogan in.
  • Make sure you are using the same color and font of those prominent features on your website. So if your company logo stands out on your website, match that color scheme for your CTAs.
  • Be creative with your CTA, know who your target is and brand yourself accordingly.



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