B. What to learn from the analytics

What to learn from the analytics

You may not know exactly where your leads are coming from, or who all of your leads are, however, InXero’s analytics can give you some insight into what content is most sought after and where your web traffic is coming from.

  • You can select a specific showcase and time period via the filter fields:


  • When looking at a specific showcase, you can see the Overall Engagement as well as a more detailed look at the Content performance, including a Top 10 Content section, which outline the content details:


  • Next to the Overall Engagement tab, there is the Content Insights tab which features the Views, Shares, Downloads and Prospects generated by the specific content:


  • And next to that tab is the Call to Actions tab, which allows you to see the total Prospects and CTAs that were interacted with: 


  • The final tab is the Prospects tab which allows you to see where your visitors are coming from based on the internet domain their visit originated from.
  • Here you will see a list of potential prospects based on the visits / viewing of your showcases. You will see the Prospect Name, how many showcases have been seen, how many individual visitors, and those leads that came from the showcases.
  • In some cases it is generic Internet Service Providers such as AT&T or Sprint, but in other cases you will notice details such as City of XYZ, or ABC University. This can help provide high level insight to your sales team and tie your digital efforts to sales that are closed:


  • If you click on the View field, it will show you the details surrounding the content that was viewed:



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